Using Power Platform Security Role membership to provide RBAC in canvas apps.

On the Microsoft cloud there are many ways to achieve the same result, and it’s no different when securing your canvas apps. Three ways spring to mind: Office 365 Groups Connector Shane Young has done a great video on using this connector. PowerApps Manage Access and Azure Security Groups from an app – YouTube Azure AD Connector A standard connector Has a great function CheckGroupMembershipV2, however this connector requires administrative privilege’s that you probably don’t want to give the general population of users. Power Platform Security Roles In this post we will demonstrate how to use the third option, Power ….

Refactoring your Power fx code to support Explicit Column Selection

Every had that feeling your going mad, as the Canvas app worked yesterday worked fine but today most of the data is missing when using the Dataverse as a data source? One recent update to Power Apps did just that, the culprit, a preview feature that MS enabled by default, if you weren’t aware of the change, because the Power Platform teams comms are just well non existent on the updates and fixes being released, is Explicit Column Selection. What this means if your filters and collections don’t explicitly request the column you will no longer get it in the ….

Power Apps Menu Component

In this post we create the Power Apps Component for the Fluent UI Menu Builder, the collection that is output from the menu builder will be used as our collection for our menu. Our objective is to create a menu component using SVG icons and text, to meet the WCAG 2.1 Level AA standard for accessibility. Our Icon menu (Rail) on its own will not meet the standard we need to provide the text with the icon to meet Success Criterion 3.2.3 Consistent Navigation, Expanding navigation menus. To meet Level AA Non Text Contrast The visual presentation of the following have a contrast ratio of ….

Checking Colour Contrast in PowerApps for accessibility with Power Fx functions.

Recently during a team meeting we were discussing how we can bake in accessibility features into our delivery processes, as a little fun project I was in the process of creating an Fluent UI Icon generator based on the work of Matthew Delaney fabulous post providing 2000 icons and the Office UI Icon Generator by R3dKap, and because I wanted the team to start using the Fluent UI iconography first in all our apps, I decided to extend the app to check the colours being used would meet WCAG 2.1 standards. In the post Accessible colors for canvas apps in ….

Sorting Galleries in Power Apps with up and down arrows.

I have recently been working with Galleries in Power Apps and needed a simple way to re-order the items before saving back to the Tables in the Dataverse (been dying to use that). In our example we have a QuestionsCollection that we want to order, we have and Field in the Table called ‘Response Order’, we use this to maintain the order state. In your Gallery add Up and Down icons. UP Icon Properties. In the OnSelect property of the icon add the following expression: As we dont’t want the Up icon to be visible on the first item in ….

Filtering Collections for events this week.

Recently building a calendar control in Power Apps I wanted to show events for the selected week. Luckily it’s fairly easy to calculate thanks to the Weekday function. To calculate the start date of the week: This assumes our week starts on a Sunday, you can add which ever day you want. Saturday or Monday for example. Then to find the end of the week: So now we have the start of the week date and the end of the week date we can use these in our filter.