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Filtering Collections for events this week.

Recently building a calendar control in Power Apps I wanted to show events for the selected week. Luckily it’s fairly easy to calculate thanks to the Weekday function. To calculate the start date of the week: This assumes our week starts on a Sunday, you can add which ever day you want. Saturday or Monday for example. Then to find the end of the week: So now we have the start of the week date and the end of the week date we can use these in our filter.

Formatting UK Dates in Canvas Apps from CDS date columns.

I have been working with Canvas Apps and CDS recently this page is dedicated to all those things I keep looking up about formatting dates. Display CDS date column as UK date as text Displays as 25/10/2020 Displays as Sunday April 1976, notice only the day of the week shows, to show both the number and the text of a day use the following: This displays the date as Monday 22 October 2018 Displays as 04 Apr 1976 Displays as 04 April 76