Filtering Collections for events this week.

Recently building a calendar control in Power Apps I wanted to show events for the selected week.

Luckily it’s fairly easy to calculate thanks to the Weekday function.

To calculate the start date of the week:

This assumes our week starts on a Sunday, you can add which ever day you want. Saturday or Monday for example.

DateAdd(_dateSelected,-Weekday(_dateSelected,Sunday) + 1,Days)

Then to find the end of the week:

DateAdd(_dateSelected,-Weekday(_dateSelected,Sunday) + 7,Days)

So now we have the start of the week date and the end of the week date we can use these in our filter.

        Start > DateAdd( _dateSelected,-Weekday(_dateSelected,Sunday) + 1,Days) && 
        Start < DateAdd( _dateSelected,-Weekday(_dateSelected,Sunday) + 7,Days)

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