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Day: 11 August 2020

Using Trigger Conditions in Power Automate

If there are reasons we don’t want to run a flow the most efficient way is to use trigger conditions, this stops the Flow from executing thus saving Flow runs. Here we use expressions rather than Formulas we use in Power Apps, another script language to learn…. In the following example, the Flow will only run if the FieldName is equal to true. Using Not.

Using CDS views in Filters

In canvas apps using CDS views are an efficient way of populating collections. In this example we are filtering by the Entity Associated View and that the status is active, when comparing true/false fields or lookup’s you need to use the lookup ‘Status (Entity)’.Active in studio intellisense will provide the options available once you enter, ‘Status (Entity)’. Active or Inactive if its a true/false (2-options) then the options will be Yes or No. Remember when using views to make sure all the columns you require are included in the view.